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Sustained investments
in state-of-the-art production
and converting facilities

Since being taken over by our new owner in 2009, PDL Cigarette Papers production sites have benefited from considerable investment

PDL Cigarette Papers, leading the way in ecodesign
cigarette papers

PDL Cigarette Papers, a pioneer in the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of cigarette papers

PDL Cigarette Papers’ LIP paper: a unique patented technology

LIP stands for Lowered Ignition Propensity

Sustained investments in state-of-the-art production and converting facilities

Since being taken over by our new owner in 2009, PDL Cigarette Papers production sites – Papeteries du Léman (PDL) and Papeteries des Vosges (PDV) – have benefited from considerable investment to improve and modernise cigarette paper production and converting installations, with expenditure of almost 13 million Euros.

First of all, on the PDL site, machine 4 was completely refurbished to increase productivity and the quality of industrial cigarette paper and booklet paper. This project involved a budget of 5.5 million Euros and an ultra-intensive 4 weeks of work in January 2010 with 30 people directly involved in-house and 41 outside companies, for a total of 20,000 hours of work.

The principal modifications include installations allowing us to:

  • produce verge paper
  • improve coating technology
  • considerably reduce web breaks
  • improve safety as well as working conditions of teams

Now, according to a Benchmark study carried out by PÖYRI, PDL’s machine 4 is one of the most effective cigarette paper machines in the world.

At PDV, the major equipment modernisation project was carried out in 2011: it consisted, on the one hand, of the construction of two state-of-the-art converting workshops, one  specifically dedicated to the industrial cigarette market, and, on the other hand, the creation of a logistics area of over 7,000 m2. The investment made amounted to 7.3 million Euros, 3 million dedicated to the installation of two ultra-modern winders (see photo). In addition to the accuracy and quality of cutting they offer, ultra-reliable and safe non-manual separation of reels is possible.

Such investment is in line with our strategic policy to develop the cigarette paper market and is intended to improve our performance so we can offer our customers a comprehensive range of quality services.



PDL Cigarette Papers, leading the way in ecodesign cigarette papers

PDL Cigarette Papers, a pioneer in the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of cigarette papers.

Launched in 2008 on its range of thin papers for printing and publishing, the technique has now been perfectly mastered internally and is being applied to cigarette papers. This first LCA is a considerable challenge for the company. With the opportunity to eco-design its products, PDL Cigarette Papers is becoming a key player on the market.

The LCA is a form of continual improvement in that it is a means to an end, the aim being to optimise the process and the product from an environmental point of view. Thus, by identifying the different stages of the life cycle of cigarette paper “from-cradle-to-gate”, namely from the extraction of raw materials up to the delivery to the customer, then assessing the environmental impact of each stage, PDL Cigarette Papers then knows what aspects to work on to reduce its ecological footprint.

To validate and certify the results of the LCAs carried out, PDL Cigarette Papers is working in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The first LCA on cigarette paper was carried out in the first half of 2012 on RYO (Roll Your Own) paper, an 18 gsm verge paper. The functional unit used to carry out this analysis was 1 m² of paper.
The 13 indicators considered in the analysis are representative of the key issues relating to the paper sector, classifying between the following four elements: energy, air, water and earth.

The findings of the LCA on 18g verge paper are as follows:

  • The production of paper pulp is the stage with the heaviest impact on almost all of the indicators studied (30 to 90% of the total impact).
  • The manufacturing phase has a significant impact on the greenhouse effect indicators, consumption of raw materials, production of waste and extraction of water.
  • The production of the other raw materials has little impact.
  • The packaging and transport phase is negligible, due to side wastes products being managed in an internal loop and packaging waste being managed.

Therefore, in order to improve the environmental profile of our cigarette papers, we have developed an action plan including the implementation and/or continuation of the following processes:

  • optimisation of cooking process and bleaching in our pulp plant,
  • selection of the most “virtuous” suppliers,
  • promotion of energy obtained from renewable resources with, principally, the start-up of the biomass boiler on the PDL site and the construction of PDV’s, the site where cigarette papers are converted and packaged,
  • continuation of our “eco-leak” programme,
  • our participation in the “Équilibre” project intended to reduce CO2 emissions related to  transport.

For PDL Cigarette Papers, the environment is an ever-present concern which is taken into account in all of its everyday actions and decisions.

You can find comprehensive information about the methodology used for LCAs on our website www.pdlcigarettepapers.com



Primasafe, PDL Cigarette Papers'LIP paper : a unique patented technology

LIP stands for Lowered Ignition Propensity. This new feature of cigarettes has been developed in order to reduce accidental fires caused by a lit cigarette being dropped on all kinds of fabrics or upholstered furniture. With the heat of the cigarette being absorbed by the substrate, it remains high enough to start a fire.
Fire safety of cigarettes was made obligatory by decree in Europe on 17 November 2011.

PDL Cigarette Papers has developed its own LIP technology called Primasafe. Since May 2010, it has been patented in more than 35 countries worldwide. Our unique patented technology is available and certified for weights around 25.5 gsm. Primasafe consists of concentric bands arranged discontinuously around the cigarette which are then able to slow down combustion and extinguish it on contact with substrates.

Our LIP paper meets Fire Safety standard ISO 12863:2010 since less than 25% of cigarettes made using our technology burn their full length.

Our R&D department has succeeded in developing a product with features that give us a real technological advantage over our competitors. While consumers have been complaining about an alteration in the taste of cigarettes since the introduction of LIP, PDL Cigarette Papers offers them a completely taste-free paper. Our feedback from consumer panels supports the fact that we are completely meeting this requirement and confirms that this property is essential on the market.
Another requirement: LIP paper must not cause discomfort to smokers by excessive extinction of the cigarette in the areas treated. We have been able to observe that our results regarding extinction in free combustion are on track and fully meet the requirements of smokers.

PDL Cigarette Papers’ LIP paper is part of a continual improvement process aimed at meeting and anticipating the needs of our customers.

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