The origin of PDL Cigarette Papers dates back as far as 1822, when the company founder invented a machine producing thin paper inspired by the rice paper he had discovered in China.

As the company grew, acquiring other thin print manufacturers, they took over one which had been founded in 1879 by Maurice and Jacques Braunstein. The Braunstein’s success was due to a patented packaging technique of overlapping thin papers in a dispenser. So successful was this offering that a larger production facility was needed. And when that plant was destroyed during the second world war, a new facility, that was to become Papeteries du Léman, was born near the shores of Lake Geneva in Thonon-les-Bains to meet the increasing market demands and the company’s growth.

Thanks to over a century of a unique know-how and experience, PDL Cigarette Papers has created standards of production, quality, and sustainability that remain unmatched in the cigarette paper industry.

PDL Cigarette PapersPDL Cigarette Papers