The biomass boiler
At the end of a construction project that lasted almost two years, the biomass boiler at PDL started up on January 2013. Today it produces 50% of the steam needs of the site and saves 11,500 metric tons of CO2 every year. At PDV, the biomass boiler started up on June 2014. It produces 50% of the steam needs of the site and saves 8,000 metric tons of CO2 every year.

Une nouvelle chaufferie bois pour les Papeteries du Léman

PCC production facility
Since 2007 we have been been progressively replacing titanium dioxide where possible by PCC, it provides whiteness and opacity to our papers. This is the first stage of a much more ambitious project: the construction on PDL’s site of a PCC production unit, directly managed by the supplier, enabling a significant reduction in product cost and the optimisation of the composition of papers. It started up in 2010. Another advantage of PCC is its environmental credentials: unlike titanium dioxide, reserves of which are running out, PCC can be produced in abundance. And in addition, its production requires less energy.
Water treatment plant
Papeteries du Léman has had its own water treatment plant since 2004 equipped with our wet oxidalisation unit that converts lignin into a valuable by-product instead of burning it and producing CO2.
 More than 92% of the water pumped out of the ground is pomped back into natural environment. The MES and DCO solutions are 70 % lower than the local standards. Thanks to an excellent system of approved filters, 98% of waste is recuperated and recycled.