Life cycle approach

Pick up anything in front of you that is made of paper. Where did it come from? Where is it going? How did it get here? Why is it the way it is? These are the fundamental questions that need to be asked in thinking about any product, and whether that product really meets the needs of a world becoming acutely aware of dwindling resources, the quality of air, land and water. These are the basic questions of a Life Cycle Assessment.
PDL Cigarette Papers asks these questions every day, and every day we are dedicated to answering them in a sustainable manner.

Life Cycle Assessment

PDL Cigarette Papers is the first paper manufacturer to use a Life Cycle Assessment to provide information that allows us to manage our processes towards a better environment.
A Life Cycle Assessment, or LCA, is a true “accounting” of consumption and emissions through the entire life cycle of a product. An LCA assesses the potential impact of a product or service on the environment throughout all its life stages, from the extraction of natural resources to the final processing of waste.
Only through a Life Cycle Assessment can a manufacturer look at the manufacturing process and how each step impacts the environment, and how each step can be adjusted or managed for the most positive environmental outcome.
According to experts such as the European Commission, Life Cycle Assessments are the best way of assessing the environmental impact of a product. They are becoming the standard by which leading companies around the globe, from Danone to Unilever, evaluate their efforts.