PDL Cigarette Papers: Which Biodiversity Action Plan for Papeteries du Léman?

The findings of our Biodiversity Audit® conducted by Gondwana in Q1 2012 have been presented to the committee of Papeteries du Léman.

After reviewing its recommendations, the committee agreed to look into an initiative programme aimed at achieving more eco-friendly management of the site’s natural surrounding (accounting for 75%) and to eliminate any abnormal practices in the spirit of conciliation between biodiversity, safety and corporate image towards its clients and partners.

Among the actions planned where, conducting qualitative and quantitative inventories, fauna and flora studies to identify and classify species found onsite – those that are protected, threatened, rare, invasive, etc – and to define a point of reference for evaluating improvements in the future.

Audit Biodiversité® des Papeteries du Léman

Some of the actions proposed by Gondwana cannot however be carried out, mainly for safety reasons. The agency had recommended that a damaged hedgerow be renewed; it was finally decided through that it would be replaced by a fence, a greater deterrent against possible incursions on the site. Gondwana also recommended that the frequency of mowing to maintain our fields and lawns be reduced. This is not be possible in some areas that must remain easily accessible to visitors; for example, the areas adjacent to the treatment plant or to the PCC satellite.

Above all, PDL remains an industrial site, with its constraints and requirements related in particular to safety and image issues. PDL Cigarette Papers goal will therefore be preservation, which means that efforts will be made to not degrade the biodiversity on-site by eliminating any practice that could harm it.